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Foul Drainage Assessments

Depending on the scale, nature and location of your development, the LPA (Local Planning Authority) may require a Foul Drainage Assessment to be submitted to support your planning application. Foul Drainage assessment are usually only required for larger developments where it is uncertain if a connection to the public foul sewer is possible or if it is in a location where there are existing foul drainage capacity issues.

Forge Engineering Design Solutions Ltd has the experience and skills to conduct a Foul Drainage Assessment, that is appropriate to the nature and scale of your project. We can ensure that any potential foul drainage implications are understood and addressed using the most cost effective solution at the planning design stage, which can save time and money in later stages. Each site specific foul drainage assessment, is tailored to the scale of the site, the proposed development and it's location, to ensure a successful planning application.

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