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Site Waste Management Plans

Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs) will help you manage site waste effectively at all stages during the construction of a project.

SWMP became compulsory when the Site Waste Management Plans Regulation 2008 came into force. The regulation was introduced to help manage materials more effectively and could reduce the amount of waste produced to save money. These regulations require a SWMP to be carried out on any one construction site with an estimated cost greater than £300,000 (excluding VAT) before work begins.

This regulation was repealed on the 1st December 2013, however the waste duty of care still applies when creating, storing and disposing of waste from any construction site.

SWMPs are still an important tool for construction companies and their clients, of all sizes, to improve their environmental performance, meet regulatory controls and reduce rising costs of disposing of waste.

Waste disposal costs can be reduced by reducing waste in the first place and also by segregating the residual waste which can then be reused or recycled, as shown in the DEFRA waste hierachy triangle below. These measures can also benefit from lower landfill tax, as mainly inert waste would be finally disposed of in this way. Waste disposal costs include transport costs, additional labour cost which ma be incurred through segregation, and lanfill tax.

(Source: Government Review of Waste Policy - Defra, 2011)

Completing a SWMP will also give you a better understanding of how your waste is managed, the costs involved, and can also help enhance your reputation by helping the environment. Once the SWMP is completed, useful information on managing waste and reducing costs will be on hand for future projects.

With 20 years experience in the construction and manufacturing industries, Forge Engineering Design Solutions can produce a SWMP for your project.

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